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About me

Hi all motorfreaks, welcome to my site! My name is Maarten (born in 1980) and i'm from Haarlem, Holland. Since the age of 14 i've been almost obsessed by mopeds, i've had about 14 of them including 2 Honda four-strokes. One of them i still own (see photo page). I'ts a Honda CD50, the touring version of the SS50. When i was 16 a friend of my bought one, he showed it to me and it struck me like a motherf*cker. Especially when we mounted a hollow exhaust, man this is like crazy a moped, what a sound! and then those looks. Finally i got one myself, an original one wich i had to do my best keeping it that way since my friend always had comments. Thank god i never resprayed her. I like originality.

Then i started Driving the motorcycle when i was 21. The honda CD is guilty for infecting me with the BlackBomber virus (see photo page, the black oldtimer). Since i needed a bike for daily use i had to let that dream go for a few years (still haven't got one). I also had big interest for Thumpers, especially the Yamaha XT, son of all thumpers. The 550 struck me one day for a good price, and since 2002 i'm still happy with it. It's still going strong mainly because i putted a new piston & valve seals in it.

I also have feelings for moto guzzi, as you can see..

And, since May 2008 i own a chevrolet caprice classic 1979 on LPG. My new hobby since it became virtually impossible to off-road here in the suroundings..


since 2010 a laverda 750 gt is joining the family, quite original and still factory compression after 100.000 km.

This really is a to the bone motorcycle, one big bang per rotation. power from 2000 rpm right on.



What have i been doin'?

Uhm, living in Haarlem-Oost for all my life? True, i also spend most of my life going to school.  i studied AeroSpaceTechnology (luchtvaarttechnologie, lvt). Before this i got my MTS-WTB diploma, before that Havo.

After finishing school and becoming an aeronautical engineer, i was busy maintaining a continues steel casting machine at corus in velsen noord. That didn't turned out a to be a succes..not that i stopped it from casting or anything like that.

It was time to search for a complete new job, i found it in a function as a constructor of pressure reducers. Lots of 3D drawing, a thing i always refused to do but hey i'm enjoying myself there in Nieuw-vennep.

I have also been a cyclist, licenseholder for 7 years. But at the age of 18, i had to give it up for i wanted to go out, drink beer and kiss girls. I still wonder where my place would be in the peloton if i was still cycling. Troughout those 7 years i was growing and growing, results became better every year....a racingcycle + cyclocrosser still standing here, dunno if they ever will be used again.


Take a look at a few of my short movies: